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MDPT isn’t known to be a controlled substance in any significant purview. It is genuinely new available and has not yet pulled in a lot of consideration. Notwithstanding, it might well fall under the ‘sweeping boycotts’ a few nations like the US and UK have authorized against analogs of unlawful or controlled substances. MDPT Crystals is a new research chemical classified in the family of stimulants. The chemical formula for MDPT crystals is C14H19NO3. The formal name for MDPT is 1-Benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-yl-2-tert-butylamino-propan-1-one and it has a molecular mass of 249.31. MDPT Crystals is very closely related to 3-(phenylmethyl)-2h-Azirine. Since the chemical is so new on the market and there is no research data available we can look at research compiled on 3-(phenylmethyl)-2h-Azirine in order to learn more.

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